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If you are experiencing issues operating your garage door, you may be wondering who fix garage doors in New City 10956? We have good news for you, Meta Garage Doors of Rockland County repair all kinds of overhead doors and rolling gates in New City Rockland County.
You may be wondering how can we be so confident about that, and we are glad that you asked. Since it give is the opportunity to brag about our garage door services. After more than 20 years of repairing and installing overhead doors in New City New York, we can say that there is no garage door project that will surprise us, or that we will not be able to deal with. To us it doesn’t matter if you need a commercial garage door repairs in Nanuet New York, or a new residential garage door installation in Rockland County, since overhead doors is what we do, and we like to think that we do it best.

Garage door repair New City 10956

And if there is one thing that we learned from all those years of dealing with broken garage doors in New City New York, it will be that there is only one way to become number one in what you do, and it doesn’t matter if you fix overhead door in Nyack, or install garage doors in Spring Valley, you need to love what you do, and you need to have the ability to deal with all kinds of challenging projects, that every contractor who consider himself a pro need to deal with. 
When you love what you do, and you provide high quality service for garage doors in Rockland County New York, the customers can tell, and they can show their appreciation by recommending your garage door services for people who look for garage door specialist in New City 10956. They can recommend about your services to a neighbor who need anew garage door in New City, or they can go online and write a review about your service. And someone smart once told us: In today’s world, online reviews don’t lie. So if you wonder what our customers have to say about our garage door services, you can visit our Yelp page and read customers reviews about garage door service in New City.

Garage Door Spring Repairs New City New York

If you are reading those words, you are probably located in New City New York, but what we are about to say works for almost every overhead door: The spring system is the heart of the garage door. It can be a garage door in Westchester County, or a garage door in Redondo Beach, but when the spring break, or the cable snap, the door won’t work or partly work, but you shouldn’t try and use it, since doing so will put you in risk. When you try to operate a garage door in New City New York with a broken spring, you create a bigger damage, but more important than that, is the fact that you are putting yourself, objects near the door, or other people in risk. And this is something that you should try and avoid.
You may be worried that you will have to wait few days for a garage door specialist in New City New York to come and check the door, and then go and bring the parts, and then repair the door, BUT YOU NEED YOUR GARAGE DOOR TO WORK. We get that. To help you get your garage door in New City New York working again ASAP, we proudly offer same day and emergency garage door repair Rockland County. And our long experience in fixing overhead doors in New City New York taught us which garage doors are more likely to break, which garage doors are the most common in New City New York, and which size of springs we will need to fix your garage door. So we carry with us garage door springs for all overhead garage doors in New City New York 10956, in order to give you a quick and efficient solution, and get your garage door working again today.

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Garage door extension spring New City 10956

If you own a garage door that use extension spring system, and one of the springs snapped, there isn’t much you can do to fix it except contact a garage door technician in New City New York. Most times when a garage door extension spring snap, it happen when the door is closed, since this is the point where there is the most tension on the springs. You may find it impossible to open the door if the spring snapped, or you may have hard time opening and closing the door, but the important thing will be to avoid using the door, and contact a garage door specialist in New York to come and fix the door for you. If you are located outside of New City New York, like if you need a garage door spring repair in Staten Island New York, the same recommendation apply to you as well: Do not use a garage door with a broken spring, and use a specialist for the spring replacement.
At the same time, when the specialist replace the springs, make sure that he also include safety cables, which are required by the law for every garage door in Rockland County that operate with extension spring system. Do not try and save money in the wrong places. The safety cables can save life, and high quality springs can assure that your garage door will work in a perfect way for many years.
Picture of extension springs in New City New York:

Garage door spring New City 10956

Garage door torsion spring replacement New City New York

If you live in New City New York, and you own overhead door with torsion spring system, and one of the torsion springs snapped, you are going to need a specialist to replace the springs for you. The thing with torsion springs, and that include all garage doors in New City, a garage door repair in Richmond County or anywhere else, is that torsion springs from different sizes may look the same to you, when there is actually a different between the different torsion springs. Even the slightest difference between 2 torsion springs can make a difference, and in order for your overhead door in New City to work properly, you need the right torsion spring for your garage door.
Meta Garage Doors replace all types and sizes of torsion springs in New City New York. Many times we carry the torsion springs in our service tracks, and we can replace the one that snapped on the spot; And in some cases, especially if it is one of the commercial overhead doors in New City, we will give you a temporary solution to the problem, measure and weigh the door, and return with the needed part, sometimes in the same day.
You may consider purchasing the spring from a garage door supplier in New City, and replace the springs by doing so yourself, but the thing with garage door repairs, and this thing become much more important when we are talking about torsion springs, is that fixing an overhead door in New City by DIY can turn to be much more complicated than you planned it to be.
Picture of torsion springs in New City New York:

Garage door torsion springs New City

Garage Door Opener New City 10956

Most of the garage doors in Rockland County are automated, which mean that they are operating remotely with a garage door opener. Few of the most popular garage doors opener’s brands you can find in New City are Liftmaster openers, Genie openers and others. Some of them are good openers, strong and reliable, and will serve you for many years. Some of them (especially the cheapest ones), are from low quality, and probably won’t last more than 10 years.
Just like other things in life, quality cost money, and so is a high quality garage door opener in New City. But at the same time, quality may have a higher price, but the value you get over the years is something that make the extra payment worth it. And here we are getting to an important part: We believe that in order to establish a reputation, you need to provide quality, whether it is supplying parts for garage door in New City New York, or installing a new overhead door or a new garage door opener. And after years of servicing garage doors in Rockland County, we got to the conclusion that supplying and installing low quality parts will hurt us in the future, so we stopped. Yes, we do lose some garage doors projects in New City New York to people who look for the cheapest prices; but at the same time, we gain loyal customers, who know that Meta Garage Doors is a company you can trust. If you would like to learn more about garage door opener troubleshot, you can visit this blog, or read this article.

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Garage door troubleshooting New City NY

Garage door problems can usually be divided into 2 parts: It can be a problem with the garage door mechanism- like a broken spring, pulley, snapped cable, out of tracks garage door, or any other problem that involve the door itself and its parts. But it can be a problem with the garage door opener. But there is one difference: A garage door in New City can still be used manually although the garage opener is broken (By disengaging the opener), but a garage door cannot be operated by the opener if there is a problem with the mechanism of the door. This is very important for the understating of the garage doors in New York and the way the doors are working.
To simplify things: A garage door with a problem with the mechanism, whether the spring snapped, the cable is lose or the door is out of track, should not be used electrically (Should not be used at all actually). This apply for all garage doors, whether it is a garage door in Yonkers New York, or a garage door in Monsey.
A good garage door repairman in New City should be able to locate the garage door problem and fix it within reasonable time. Usually, most garage door issues with garage doors in New City is due to one of the following: Problem with the mechanism, or problem with the opener.

Resdiential Garage door

Which garage opener is the best in New City?

In terms of brand name, we already explained the benefits of purchasing a Lift master garage opener. In terms of type of opener, we need to get deeper into the types of garage doors in New City. 
The most popular types of garage openers in Rockland County are the belt drive garage opener and the chain drive garage opener. The differences between the two types id the how noisy there. While the chain drive opener works with s steel chain, the belt drive opener is working with rubber belt. 
Whether you will choose the belt drive opener or the chain drive opener, always aim for quality, and avoid the common mistake that may home owners in New City make, when they try and save money by purchasing an opener which is not strong enough to lift the heavy garage doors you can find in New City. Yes, a ½ H.P Lift Master garage opener can open and close a garage door in New City 10956 that require a ¾ H.P opener, but it is only a matter of time before the gear will break, and you will have to get a new opener.
To read more about types of garage openers, there is a good article written by “Brooklyn Garage Door And Gates” that explain the different types and the benefits of the garage openers.

Garage door safety sensors repairs in New City New York

Sometime we receive calls from customers in New City 10956 New York that complain about the garage opener that close the door only part of the way, and then automatically open again. Some of them think that they are going to need a new garage opener, but in most service calls we receive this isn’t the issue. Many times the safety sensors are simply not working, and a simple repair can solve the issue. 
When someone accidently moved the safety sensors, cut the wire, or even if there is some dirt covering one or both of the lenses, the garage door opener will not close the door, since it doesn’t receive a signal from the safety sensors “telling” him that closing the door is safe and that the door’s path is clean. This can happen for multiple reasons, when the most common reason for safety sensors issues is the fact that many home owners in New City tend to store their gardening tools or their trash next to the door, exactly where the safety sensor is located, and many times they accidently move the sensor, or cut the wire, which result with a garage door problem.
If you are located in New City New York, and you are wondering why your garage door isn’t closing, you can call us for help, or you can read the following article about garage door safety sensors repairs DIY. Most safety sensors issues can be solved by following basic steps of safety sensors trouble shoot, and can be applied for any automated garage door, whether it is a garage door in Nyack, or a garage door in Bronxville NY.

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Overhead Door Installation New City New York

Sometime when we are receiving a call for a garage door repair in New City New York, we find when we are getting to the customer’s house that fixing the door may not be the wisest decision, and that sometime replacing the door and install a new one will be the best move.
Sometime the decision is easy: When using the current door is unsafe, or repairing the current door means that the customer will spend almost the same amount as he would pay for a new door. But sometime the decision is not so easy, and like we always do when we see this situation, we consult with the customer and present all the options, and together with him we make the decision.
Just like with a new garage door opener, when planning to purchase a new garage door in New City New York, the most important thing will be the quality of the new door.
If you are looking for the cheapest garage doors in New City, Meta Garage Doors may not be the best option for you. We only install quality garage doors in New City 10956, from the kind that can last 30 years and more. In the past, we used to install the cheap doors that last for 3-8 years, but when we discovered that after few years our customers were starting to experience problems operating the doors, we decided to pass on those jobs and concentrated in quality garage doors and installation Rockland County.

Which garage door is the best in New York?

Everybody wants the best for their home and for their family. The problem is that there are many people in the market that will claim to be the best, and to offer the best service. To be honest, we also consider our self the best garage door company in New York. But unlike others, we have ways to prove that. If after 20 years of repairing garage doors in New City we have never had an unsatisfied customer, whether it was a new garage door installation, a garage door spring replacement, Liftmaster opener installation, or any other kind of garage door service in New City. To prove that, we welcome you to visit our Google Business Page, and read customers reviews about Meta Garage Doors.

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Garage door replacement New City New York

The way to a new garage door include 2 parts: The door itself and the installation. This goes for every garage door, whether a garage door in Staten Island, or roll up door in NYC. Assuming that you are investing in quality garage doors such as Amarr Doors, Matalonco Doors, or Raynor garage door, the next step will be to locate the best garage door installer in New City. Since if you invested in high quality door, but the installer is not a real pro, or vice versa, if you located a garage door installer you can trust, but purchased a cheap garage door, you will not be enjoying a garage door that will last for many years, as every overhead door in Rockland County should.
There are many ways to locate a good contractor in New City: You can ask people for recommendations, or you can also look for online reviews of garage door installer in New York. When you found the right contractor for you, meet with him at the house, and try to see if you understand each other. Ask to see examples of garage doors installation that he performed, and look if this is what you are wishing to get when planning a new garage door installation in New City.
Now that you chose the door for you, and you feel that you also found a contractor you can trust, all that left for you is to wait for the new door to arrive, and enjoy a new garage door. Our best moment in our job is to see the expression on the faces of our garage customers in New City, the first they see their new garage door. And it is always followed by the same words: Why have I waited that long before replacing my old overhead door.

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Garage Door Maintenance New City New York

Do not ignore the need for garage door maintenance. You may own garage door in Nyack, or garage door in Spring Valley, they need to be maintained. If you knew how important it is to maintain your garage door on time, you would get up and lubricate your garage door in New City right now. But lubricating the door isn’t enough. There is a need to inspect the door and perform few inspections like safety check, small tunes and adjustments. 
You can perform the garage door maintenance by DIY, or you can use a garage door specialist in New City for the job. The important thing is to get it done. If you own a commercial overhead door, you should use a specialist for the door. Commercial overhead doors, whether in New City, or a commercial overhead door in Greenwich CT can be dangerous, and their weight makes the maintenance even more important, in order to avoid cases where the door get stuck or go out of tracks.
We repair, install and maintain both commercial and residential overhead doors in New City New York, and with our same day service, we can service any overhead door in New City New York today.

Industrial overhead doors New City

Meta Garage Doors service in New City 10956

There are different overhead doors in Rockland County, and a professional garage door repairman should be able to service all of them. To us, as a company that consider itself one of the best in Rockland County, it will never matter if it is industrial overhead door repair, or residential garage door repair, since we are ready for any kind of garage door service. Our technicians are trained to be ready to deal with any kind of garage door service, and they carry parts to service all garage doors in Rockland County. You don’t have to worry when will someone come to fix my broken garage door, since with our same day garage door repair in Rockland County, we will be there and fix your broken garage door today.


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