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Nyack New York Garage Door Repairs

Located in Rockland County New York, and servicing Nyack New York, Meta Garage Doors can fix your garage door in Nyack 10960 today. It can be a garage door that need maintenance, a commercial garage door that need spring replacement, or even a commercial roll up door that need to be repaired. Whatever the problem is, we can help, and we can do that by the end of the day and get your broken garage door in Nyack working again.
If you find yourself calling a garage door company in Nyack New York more than once every few years (If we leave the need for lubrications that can easily be done in a do it yourself garage door service), It mean that there is something wrong with the way your overhead garage door in Nyack was installed, or with the garage door itself. Since every garage door we install or repair in Rockland County, whether it is a garage door in Nyack NY, or a garage service door in Yonkers, should be working in a perfect way for many years, and except from the basic maintenance and lubrication - that every garage door in Nyack should be provided with – every garage door we fixed stopped making problems, and worked for many years. Some of the doors we installed more than 20 years ago in Rockland County are still in use, and besides some lubrication and tuning that we perform once in a while, they do not require any kind of garage door service in Nyack.
To us, as a company that offer all kinds of overhead doors solutions in Nyack, it doesn’t really matter if it is a residential door, a commercial garage door in Nyack, or even a roll up gate repair. If you find that you needed service for your garage door in Nyack more than couple times in the last few years, you probably need a local garage door technician in Nyack to perform an inspection for your garage door, and to find what exactly the reason that your garage door is not working properly is. Look for a professional garage door supplier in Nyack, and ask them to send someone to examine your garage door.

Garage door Nyack New York

Common Garage Door Problems in Nyack 10960

There is no one reason that prevent a garage door from working properly, or to why you cannot open or close your overhead door. It can be a broken garage door spring in Monsey, a garage door opener problem in Nanuet, or even our of tracks garage door repair in Staten Island. But we can fix all of them, and we can complete the repair today. There are many possible reason that can prevent your overhead garage door in Nyack from working properly. We would like to list few of them bellow, and to make it clear that garage door repair in Nyack should never happen more than once. If for example one of your garage springs in Westchester County snapped, and you used a professional garage door repairman in to replace the spring or the broken spring or both springs, you shouldn’t experience any issues with the garage door springs in the next 10 years. If the problem repeat itself, it can be due to several reasons, like if the repairman did not perform a good job, or maybe he missed another problem with the door since many times when garage doors in Nyack get stuck, it can happen due to several reasons.
There are many types of garage doors in Nyack, and you should always aim for high quality parts. Because quality is something that pay in the long run, whether it is a commercial garage door in the Spring Valley, or overhead door repair in Monsey. Because when you use high quality parts, just like we do, it may cost you a little more, but in return you get a garage door that operate perfectly, and this is the only way to build a strong list of customers, and a reputation of the best garage door service in Rockland County.

Nyack New York Garage Door Opener

The second most common problem in Nyack New York after a broken garage door spring, is a problem with the garage opener, or one of the accessories that the garage opener include, like a garage door key pad, garage door safety sensors, garage door remote control and the wall switch. We can fix any garage door opener problem in Nyack New York, since fixing garage doors in Nyack is what we do. And not only that we can repair any garage door opener issue in Nyack, we can repair it today.

Nyack NY garage door repairs

Is it a problem with the garage opener?

The answer is no. And we will even risk with saying that in most cases, the problem is due to a broken part with the garage door itself. Many of our customers in Nyack New York who call us to fix their garage door, tell us that their opener is not working, and that they think they may need to install a new garage door opener. But not once, when we arrive to their home in Nyack New York and inspect their garage door and the garage opener, we find that the problem is actually a problem with their garage door itself, and that the opener is working fine. In order to understand why it seem like a problem with the garage opener, we need to explain about overhead doors in general and the way they operate.
You probably think that the garage door opener in Nyack New York is what lift and close your garage door. But the truth is that the garage door opener isn’t what lifting the garage door! What lift the door is the spring system. And as a proof, every garage door, whether in Nyack, in or anywhere else in Rockland County should work and it should be easy to open and close even without the electric opener. So if one of the spring snapped, or need some adjustment, it affect the way the electric opener work and the way it is opening and closing the door. So whenever there is a problem with the garage opener, we first inspect the door, and only if we find that the door is working fine, we examine the opener, and check if it is better to repair it, or to install a new garage opener for your garage door in Nyack.

Garage Door Safety Sensors Repair Nyack  

The garage safety sensors can be the cause for many issues with operating the garage, especially when you are trying to close the door, but the door just won’t come down. But even if they can be the cause for issues operating your garage door, every automated overhead garage door in Nyack must include a safety feature. This is not an option, this is by the federal law, which require from every automated garage door to include a safety feature. Again, this is not an option, whether it is a garage door in Nyack NY, or garage door service in Danbury CT, every garage door must include a safety feature.
We at Meta Garage Doors, know that the safety sensors can be the cause for many issues with operating garage doors in Nyack, and you may wonder: why do I you the safety sensors, and maybe it will be best to remove them? And here is where you are wrong. The safety sensors which must be installed in any automated overhead garage door in Nyack are there for your protection. There may be years when you will never need them to actually protect you, but it is enough that one time someone or something will be located at the garage door’s path, and the garage safety sensors of your garage in Nyack will prevent the door from closing on it is enough. It can save you from getting injured, a dog that try to get out or in the garage just when the door is closing, or even a car or bicycle that some left at the entrance. Many times we arrive to repair garage doors in Nyack, and find that the customer simply left something at the door’s path.
But there is one more thing you should know about the garage safety sensors in Nyack NY: When the safety sensors are installed correctly, they shouldn’t create any problem operating the door. But sometime they can be mistakenly moved, and prevent the door from closing. If this is the case, you can try and repair them by DIY or use garage door technician in Nyack New York to fix it for you. On most garage doors in Nyack, troubleshoot safety sensors is not complicated, and many times can be easily fixed, and there with no need to contact a garage door technician in Nyack to come and repair the problem. To learn more about garage door safety sensors repair, you can read this article, that explain how to solve garage issue by DIY.
If you can’t fix them by yourself, and you are looking for same day garage opener repairs in Nyack 10960, we can help you. We offer emergency garage door repairs in Nyack, and we can fix your broken garage door today, whether it is a problem with the safety sensors, or any other type of garage door repairs in Nyack.

Nyack NY overhead door repairs

Commercial Garage Door Repairs Nyack NY

Beside residential garage door repairs, we also offer commercial overhead door repair in Nyack. Any type of rolling doors repair involve risks, whether it is a garage door repair in NYC, a roll up door repair in Monsey. Commercial overhead door in Nyack is not something for armatures, since it require heavy duty tools and parts, and above all deep knowledge of the garage door repairs in Nyack. Unlike the residential garage doors in Nyack, the industrial garage doors may be used more than 15,000 times a year, which increase the speed of the door’s parts wear. And besides, a commercial garage door in or near Nyack in demand a more often maintenance than the residential garage doors in Nyack NY.
When it comes to commercial overhead garage doors in Rockland County, it become even more important to make sure that the door is working in a safe way, and that there are no broken or weak parts. Since the industrial overhead doors in Nyack NY can weigh hundreds of pounds, if there is a problem with the door, you must stop using it immediately whenever you notice that there is something wrong, let everybody know about the problem, and contact a local garage door contractor in Nyack to come and fix the problem. Since unlike the residential garage doors, some parts of the commercial garage doors in Nyack like the commercial torsion springs are custom made, so each overhead door require its own size of springs. And purchasing just any spring, thinking that as long as there are springs installed, your garage door in Nyack is going to work will be a mistake.
We offer same day commercial overhead doors repairs in Nyack, in Nanuet, and emergency garage door repairs in Rockland County. You just need to call, and we will be there.

Garage Door Maintenance Nyack NY

There are few things you can do in order to try and get the best overhead garage door in Nyack: You can purchase a high quality garage door, from trusted garage door supplier in Nyack, you can try using the services of a professional and experienced garage door installer in Nyack. But once the installation is completed, and you got a high quality new overhead door, there is one more thing which you should do twice a year, if you want to make sure that your garage door in Nyack to continue working in a perfect way: To maintain and lubricate your garage door.
The garage lubrication and tune up is not a complicated process, and you can do it by yourself by following the guidelines of maintaining a garage door in Nyack. And by simply lubricating the door, and tuning some of the door’s and the garage opener parts, not only that you improve the way the door is operating and moving along the tracks, but you will also preserve the door’s parts, and make sure it is going to continue and serve you for many more years. Maintain your garage door on time, and see that you will not need to read articles about garage door repairs in Nyack, or watch videos about garage door repairs, since your door will not need any repairs.

Nyack NY garage door opener

Do I need maintenance or repair?

If you are asking that question, you may be facing a problem that need solution. So we would like to make it clear: The garage door maintenance cannot replace garage door repairs in Nyack. If you are experiencing problems operating your garage door in Nyack, you may need to contact a garage doors company in Nyack that will come to your location and fix your overhead first. Only when the repair will be completed, and the door will be safe for use again, you can ask the technician to perform the garage maintenance, or if you prefer to perform the maintenance by DIY, and not using a garage door company in Nyack, you can read our article about garage door repairs DIY. Whether it is an overhead door in Nyack or a commercial garage door in Nanuet, maintain in on time, to make sure they will work the same way they do now for many years. At the end, the money and the time you will save by lubricating the door, combined with the fact that your door will move smoother, worth the time.

Garage Door Services Nyack NY

Meta Garage Doors offer same day garage door services in Nyack New York. Since we are located in Westchester County, to us it won’t matter what kind of garage door service you need, since we offer solutions to all types of garage door problems in Nyack. Whether you need a new garage door installation in Nyack, a garage door spring replacement in Nyack or a new Lift Master opener installation, we can help.
Since we have been servicing Nyack and Rockland County for the past 20 years, Meta Garage Doors have the knowledge of which are the most popular garage doors in Nyack, and which parts are more likely to break and need to be replaced. And since we know that, we carry in our service tracks all the parts which may be needed in order to complete the repair of your garage door in Nyack on the first visit, and allow you to get back to using a perfectly operating and safe to use garage door.

Nyack NY garage door spring repair

Emergency Garage Door Repair Nyack

We at Meta Garage Doors understand that there is never a good time for an overhead door to stop working, and that not once the door can get stuck at the worst timing, like when your car is locked inside, or when you cannot access your garage. To help you get a repair service ASAP, we offer emergency garage door repair service near Nyack NY, to make sure that you will get the service when you need it.
Here is a list of the garage door service we offer in Nyack:

  • Emergency garage repairs in Nyack.
  • Torsion spring repair and replacement Nyack.
  • Extension spring repair and replacement n NY.
  • Service all types of garage doors in Nyack.
  • Nyack Garage opener repairs.
  • Nyack Lift master repairs Nyack.
  • Nyack Genie opener repairs.
  • New garage door installation in Nyack New York.
  • Nyack Residential garage doors.
  • Nyack Commercial garage doors.
  • Out of track garage repairs in Nyack.
  • Garage door maintenance Nyack.
  • Roll up gate repair Nyack.


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