Garage door tips

Garage Door Tips

Tip #1: Never use a busted garage door!

Although some garage door repairs might seem like a simple task, a garage door repair should always be done by a qualified and experienced garage door technician, since a garage door - which is not working in a perfect way and need service - can be dangerous. So Please be careful, and if you are not sure exactly what you are about to do, hire a qualified technician to service the door for you.
A busted garage door, that need services, should not be used. Here, we made it simple, if there is something wrong with the door, or if the door is not working flawlessly, the door should not be operated. We would like to make it clear: No matter in what way the door is damaged or problematic, if the garage door is busted (noisy, or simply not working properly), Stop using it, and to get in touch with a garage door supplier to come and check the door. Not only that a busted garage door in Rockland County can be dangerous to those who use the overhead door or come near it, using a busted garage door that need services can lead to sever damage to the overhead door, and can put at risk objects, pets or people who use the door or come near the door.
Meta Garage Doors offer same day garage door services near Rockland New York. Meta Garage Doors offer repair for commercial as well as residential overhead doors, and same day repairs for overhead doors and commercial roll down doors.

Garage door tips

Tip #2: Use local garage Doors Company

Local garage door specialist now garage doors in his area. It can be garage door in Nyack, or garage door repair in Monsey, when you use a local supplier, you know that he will know how to service your garage door. The local supplier can fix every garage door malfunction. Sometimes the issue is due to lack of garage door maintenance, or simply that the garage door parts got old. The important thing is that the local garage door supplier to locate the malfunction, and to understand the cause that created the problem, and he must make sure that the issue won't happen again. Meta Garage Doors, which is a local garage Doors Company located in Rockland County, specialize in all kinds of garage door services Rockland County NY. From residential garage door repair in Congress New York, to rollup door maintenance in Nanuet, we can help. Each one of our garage doors techs is professional and experienced, and have successfully performed hundreds of garage doors repair and installation around Rockland County New York. We listed below some of the common overhead door issues and tips, which we see every day in our services around New York. Again, this is just general information, and should not replace a professional opinion of local garage door specialist that know garage doors in Rockland County, and after inspecting the door will be able to provide you with the best tips.

Tip #3: Garage spring replacemnt

There are many malfunctions that can cease a commercial or residential garage door in Rockland County from working properly. Obviously we cannot cover all possible garage doors malfunctions. What we can do is to try and share some tips with you regarding some of the most common garage doors and roll up doors malfunctions in Rockland County. A very common problem, that can cease many garage doors from operating, is a busted garage door coil spring. There are different kinds of coil springs, and each garage door in Rockland County need the right coil spring for the door in terms of size and weight. From torsion coil springs in Pomona, to extension garage spring repair near Dobbs Ferry, a good garage door repairman can match the right coil spring for the door. If the one or both coil springs of your garage door is busted, you must cease using the garage door!! If you will insist and attempt to use the door again, not only that you will probably cause a larger damage (you can easily destroy the garage opener and other parts as well), but you may also hurt yourself, or other people and objects around the garage door. There are many reasons that can lead to a busted garage door coil spring and not just for overhead doors near Rockland County. But the most common reason is probably a lack of maintenance that many home owners tend to neglect, until it is too late, and the garage door cease working. So our tip will be to cease operating the door, and to hire a local garage door repairer in Rockland County.

New Garage door tips

Tip #4: Lubricate the door!

Although overhead garage doors in Rockland County are often being used on a daily base, and in some cases many times during the day, Most home owners tend to neglect the garage door maintenance by simply ignoring it, hoping that the door continue to work the same way it worked till now. The biggest tip and advice we can share with you is to let you know that every garage door in Rockland County should be provided with a garage door maintenance service twice every 12 months or more.
The weather condition in Rockland County not friendly to the garage door and to its parts, so maintenance service and lubrication can keep the parts of the door strong, and can improve the way your garage door will work. A garage door maintenance is not a complicated task, and can usually be completed within half an hour for most residential garage doors in Rockland County.
One more tip: While lubrication the door’s parts, you can inspect the garage door and its parts, adjust the coil springs and the motor, and lubricate the parts. Meta Garage Doors offer free garage door lubrication after every garage door repairs in Rockland County. Since our interest is not only in solving issue and install new garage doors, but we also want to make sure that we are leaving you with a garage door that will work perfectly for a long time.
This tip is only for residential garage doors. Since the residential garage doors maintenance can be done by “do it yourself garage door service”. But the tip is not applied to commercial overhead doors that need a qualified technician for the task. Some of commercial garage doors in Rockland County are heavy duty doors, and servicing them require knowledge and some power tools.

Tip #5: Garage door opener troubleshoot

Every high quality garage door opener, which was correctly installed by a professional supplier, should work perfectly for years. Many times, a problem that seem to happen due to a problem with the garage door opener, turn out to be a problem from a different source (The coil springs, the remote, the sensors etc...).
But even a high quality garage door operator that was properly by a qualified installer can cease working after few years. Luckily, a jammed garage door motor can be repaired or replaced, and the door will work again. All you need to do is to call a local overhead doors company in Rockland County to come to your place and fix the motor or replace the unit with a new one.
Meta Garage Doors repair garage door motors from all brands in Rockland County, such as Liftmaster and Genie garage opener. We carry with us accessories such as remotes (Clickers), key-pads, push buttons and rails, which give us the ability to repair you opener on the spot, and get your door working again ASAP.
The tip we would like to share regarding garage operators in Rockland County is that if the opener is jammed, or if the motor can’t open up the door, in many cases it is not the motor itself that create the issue, but the garage door’s mechanism. So the tip is applied to every overhead door in Rockland County, whether it is commercial rollup door, or private home garage door, if something is off with the door itself, it affect the motor. Hence, if there garage door is not operating flawlessly when you try to operate it manually, you should never attempt to operate it using the electric operator.

Tip #6: Off tracks garage door

The best and the most important tip or advice we can share with you is to be careful!! Off tracks garage door can be dangerous, and when it is a commercial garage door, the repair should be done by a qualified technician. Off tracks garage door in Rockland County can happen due to many reasons: from mistakenly hitting the door with a car, to a busted or damaged part in the door. In case of off tracks garage door, it is important - besides addressing the issue - to locate the cause that lead to off tracks, and by fixing it, to make sure the problem will not repeat.
The tip when it comes to off tracks garage door in Rockland County is to never try to just push the rollers back into the track, hoping it will solve the problem for good. Garage door which is working flawlessly don’t just go out of its tracks for no reason! If you will try to push the door back into the tracks, you are risking with complicating the malfunction, and you also risking that when the issue will happen again (And it probably will if the door will not be repaired by a qualified technician), that the door will completely fall from the tracks. The right and safest thing to do will be to use a local garage door fixer in Rockland County who know how to deal with overhead and roll up doors.

Rollup door tips

Tip #7: Roll Up Doors

You might not know be aware of that, but industrial roll up doors in Rockland County work with the assistance of a spring. The spring is installed at the top of the roller door, bellow the cover, but trust us, it is there, otherwise the rollup door wouldn’t go up and down. So if you have been wondering how come it is relatively easy to open the heavy rollup push up doors, it is the spring. Many of you might not be aware of it, but the commercial rolling doors require maintenance and greasing few times a year. And the biggest tip we can share regarding rollup doors in Rockland County is that you is to make sure a qualified specialist will grease and inspect the rolling gate to make sure it is both safe for use, and that it is in operable condition, as every rollup door in Rockland County should be.
If you are avoiding the rollup door maintenance since you are trying to save money, you should know that ignoring the door’s need for greasing will end with a stuck or jammed rollup door, and the repair is going to cost you so much more than you would pay for greasing. And when it happen at inconvenience time (Trust us, when we say that roll up doors tend to get stuck at the worst timing), you will find yourself spending a lot of money when you will pay for emergency rolling gate services in New York.  So again, one of the best tips we can share will be to maintain the rollup door at least twice every 12 months.

Should I repair the door by myself?

The answer is yes, it is possible, do we recommend it? On most cases we would have to say no. There are some issues that require extend knowledge and some specific tools and power tolls that usually only garage doors technician carry. There are minor garage door issues that all the knowledge they require is watching a tutorial and follow the instructions, and there are garage odor issues that require extend knowledge and years of experience.
We cannot tell you when to do the repair by yourself, and when to use the help of a qualified technician. But we can share one tip regarding do it yourself garage door repairs: Never ignore the safety rules. Whether it is a garage door Nyack New York, or an overhead door in Pomona, if you are not sure what to do, just ask. Considering the fact that overhead door is usually the largest moving object at your home, it can be risky when it is being misuse. Garage door repair is not the place for trial and error, since when you are dealing with heavy door, the error can result with serious injuries.

For any questions about garage doors and rollup doors in Rockland County New York, call 845-200-2414 and one of our experts will try to assist you.